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don't_you_marry_coverWhen Andy McBride met Louisa Martin, he knew he had found the girl for him. There was only one problem: polygamy—a lifestyle that Louisa could not escape and Andy would not embrace.

As medical students at the University of Utah, Andy and Louisa fall in love—but can a mainstream Mormon and a Fundamental polygamist overcome the cultural barriers between them? Both realize that their choices will not only affect their own lives, but will also have an impact on their family, friends, and even their communities. Fearing that the sacrifices required of them would be too great, they go their separate ways.

Yet for Andy in Kentucky and Louisa in Utah, life does not go as they’d planned. While Andy is serving as a country doctor and trying to bury his pain, Louisa is coming to terms with the fact that all is not as perfect in her tight-knit community as she’d believed. As doctors, each will have to choose between keeping the peace in their communities or doing what they know is right. And someday, both will have to face their past and decide if they can make the sacrifice to be together.

Set in the red hills of southern Utah, the cosmopolitan center of Salt Lake City, the Smoky Mountains of Kentucky, and the lake-studded country of Finland, Don’t You Marry the Mormon Boys is the heartfelt and engaging story about the power of love and acceptance in an ever-changing and often surprising world.

A thoroughly captivating story with unusual characters. Janet Kay Jensen shows us that truth and love can triumph over anything life might throw our way.


About Janet

Janet is a full-time writer and author of Don’t You Marry the Mormon Boys (Bonneville Books, 2007); The Book Lover’s Cookbook, Recipes Inspired by Celebrated Works of Literatureand the Passages that Feature Them (Wenger & Jensen, Ballantine, 2003). She is also a contributing author to multiple books and publications.

Awards and Honors

  • ByLine Magazine: 1 Special Honorable Mention, 3 Honorable Mentions
  • Don’t You Marry the Mormon Boys awards:
    • Runner-up, Commercial Fiction, The Eric Hoffer Award
    • Bronze Award, Religious Fiction, ForeWord Magazine
    • Finalist in Religious Fiction, USA Best Books 2007
    • Carolyn Howard Johnson’s Top Ten Reads of 2008